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February 10th, 2012

The city of Oakland has many different neighborhood names that are used in the real estate community. Some of the names date back to the original subdivision while others seem to be somewhat random. When looking at homes for sale in the Oakland and Piedmont area newspapers or the Sunday Open Home List, ads will generally have the neighborhood name noted. Many websites such as, Redfin,, etc. allow you to search by zip code. If you are from out of the area you may find it difficult unless you know what zip code a neighborhood resides in. I hope you find this helpful.

Neighborhood to Zip Code

Adams Point (94610)
Broadway Terrace (94611)
Claremont (Oakland part) (94618)
Crocker Highlands (94610)
Diamond District, Upper (94602)
Downtown Oakland (94612)
Eastmont (94605)
Embarcadero Oakland (94607)
Glenview District (94602)
Golflinks Road (94605)
Grand Avenue (94610)
Haddon Hill (north end) (94610)
Joaquin Miller (94602)
Keller Avenue (94605)
King Estates (94605)
Lakeshore District (94610)
Laurel District (94602)
Maxwell Park (94619)
Merritt College-Skyline (94619)
Millsmont (94605)
Montclair (hills & village) (94611)
North Oakland (94609)
North Hills (94705)
Oakknoll (94605)
Oakmore District (94602)
Piedmont Pines (94611)
Piedmont, City of (northern half) (94611)
Piedmont, City of (southern half) (94610)
Piedmont Ave. (94611)
Piedmont side of Montclair (94618)
Rockridge, Lower (southern end) (94609)
Rockridge, Lower (north end) (94618)
Redwood Heights (94619)
Rockridge, Upper (94618)
Sheffield Village (94605)
Temescal (94609)
Trestle Glen (94610)

Zip code to Neighborhood

Joaquin Miller
Oakmore District
Laurel District
Glenview District
Upper Diamond District

Golflinks Road
Keller Avenue
King Estates
Sheffield Village

Oakland Embarcadero (Jack London Sq.)

Lower Rockridge (southern end)
North Oakland flats

Adams Point
Grand Avenue
Lakeshore District
Haddon Hill (north end)
Trestle Glen
Crocker Highlands
City of Piedmont (southern half)

Montclair (hills & village)
Broadway Terrace
Piedmont Pines
City of Piedmont (northern half)
Piedmont Ave.

Piedmont side of Montclair
Upper Rockridge
Claremont (Oakland part)
Lower Rockridge (north end)

Merritt College-Skyline
Redwood Heights
Maxwell Park

Downtown Oakland

North Hills (City of Oakland address, Berkeley mailing)

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