Living in Oakland CA

December 11th, 2014

Living in and loving Oakland CA

For all Oakland is or isn’t, it can never be said that the city isn’t one of a kind. The diversity in its people, the quality of its cuisine, the beauty of its neighborhoods, it is unlike any other place on the planet. I don’t mean imply that its the best place on earth or that there aren’t other wonderful places to live but when I layer it all together, the weather, the location and overall life balance I’m hard pressed to find any other place I’d rather call home.

The city of Oakland has a “feel” to it, a texture of sorts. A heavy complex fabric made up of many materials, colors and complexities. Woven, it makes for a unique tapestry that if hung and viewed from afar can easily blend together and be over looked. Especially when hanging next to another larger great city. But step inside any of Oakland’s neighborhoods and the individual elements, or threads in each community emerge like bright strands, uniquely revealing a beautiful patchwork. A quilt of sorts. Small individual parts held together by historic threads. Different individually but laced together to create the whole.

Shop in Montclair. Dine in Temescal. Be entertained in Uptown. Exercise in Joaquin Miller. Drink in Rockridge. Do yourself a favor… Give yourself the gift of Oakland. Lean into it and experience its personality. I think you’ll feel the city reach back and wrap its arms around you like a international hug. Warm, strong, comfortable and colorful.

If you’d like more information about living in, relocating to or selling an Oakland CA home please call Brian Santilena at 510-501-3534. Brian Santilena, Realtor at Pacific Union Real Estate. Selling in the greater communities of Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley CA since 1998.

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