318 Vasser Ave Kensington CA sold by Brian Santilena

August 29th, 2020


Helping people find their perfect home in a sea of Kensington CA properties is no easy feat.  These Buyers and I looked for quite a while before finding a place that perfectly fit their needs.  

Sometimes homes are perfect for the Buyers but no home is perfect all the way around.  Sometimes a small tweak is needed to fit both their needs and their budget.  Open floor plans are very desirable to today’s home buyers.  Understanding if a wall can come down or a doorway can be widened may make the difference between walking away and realizing that a perfect entertaining environment can be achieved.  

Dealing with lenders, inspectors, escrow companies and negotiations may feel like an insurmountable task.  I however am quite used to dealing with all of them.  I aim to make your home buying or selling transaction as successful, profitable and stress free as possible.  

My business is built on providing exceptional service and expertise to one client at a time.  And… doing it in such a way that they tell a friend about their experience of working with me.

Feel free to get in touch with Brian if he may be of any help in the greater areas of Oakland, Piedmont or Berkeley CA.

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