Oakland Police Department Email and Text Message Alert Service

January 19th, 2012

Oakland Police Department Email and Text Message Alert Service.opd-logo

I live in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland and while it is relatively safe and quiet it would be great to know about crimes and or emergency issues in real time.  Captain Steve Tull with the Oakland Police Department has established a new Text and Email ALERT system that is being offered for free to those interested in signing up.  You can specify and add as many locations, addresses or neighborhoods as you’d like and you will be notified when there is a crime or safety ALERT in those areas.

It is said that during an earthquake one of the most reliable communication methods is via text.  If there were a major earthquake wouldn’t it be nice to know in real time where help is needed and/or where emergency services are being offered?

Check it out and sign up at http://www.nixle.com/

Brian Santilena


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