Thank you for visiting and supporting our fundraising efforts.  It is with nervous excitement that we embark on this adventure. Jim and I (Brian) are looking forward to the climb and hope that you will follow along as we go.

What we’re doing?  This September 11th. my friend Jimmy and I (Brian) have decided that we’re going to be climbing the face of Yosemite’s infamous Half Dome.   The crest lies roughly 4700 feet above the valley floor and the face is roughly to 2000 vertical feet of sheer granite wall.  We will be hauling gear sufficient to stay the night on the face during our assent.

Why we’re doing this?  Firstly it’s a bucket-list adventure I’ve always wanted to do.   Secondly, it’s fundraiser for something I’m passionate about, The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).  The WWP is a non profit organization dedicated to helping the men and women of Americas Armed Forces that have been wounded in war.  Having fun, realizing a dream and helping people along the way is what this adventure is all about. 

Donate by credit card: Go Fund Me Credit Card donation page

Personal Checks gladly accepted.  Make checks payable to: Wounded Warrior Project.   Mail to: Pacific Union c/0 Brian Santilena.  1900 Mountain Blvd. Oakland CA 94611



Who we are?  My name is Brian Santilena.  I’m real estate agent in Oakland-Piedmont-Berkeley CA.  Jimmy Redo is good friend and is a resident of Boulder CO.  Jimmy has dedicated his life to rock climbing.  He is a professional guide, trainer, route setter and all around incredible climber.  The three of grew up together in Alameda CA and have been as close as brothers since the early 80’s.

We’re asking for your support in collecting funds/donations of anything from .01 cent per foot ($20) to .05 cents per foot. ($100).  100% of all monies raised will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.  No administrative costs or trip expenses will come out of donations generated.  It will all go to the WWP.  Please click on the MAKE A DONATION button below.  Credits Cards are welcome. See Photos, follow our training, preparations and the eventual climb on our Half Dome 2013 Facebook page.


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