Good school districts in San Francisco East Bay

When considering the purchase of a home or other piece of real estate in Oakland, Berkeley or Piedmont the quality of the schools should always be a consideration.  Even if you do not have or plan on having children that attend the public school system, they are still an important factor in maintaining neighborhood property values.  Homes for sale  in areas with good schools tend to sell for more money and are less susceptible to extreme value fluctuations than those neighborhoods with poor schools.  The Oakland Piedmont and Berkeley areas also offer many high end private school options. 

Oakland Unified Schools in general have been challenged over the past several years.  Regardless of some of the districts hardships there are some still some stellar performing schools in the system.  The Oakland School System is an addressed based system that assigns particular home addresses to specific schools.  You can find out what school is assigned to your address at the Oakland School Finder website.

The Piedmont Public School System is one of the best performing districts in the state of California.  Many home buyers decide to purchase a home in Piedmont just so their children have access to the Piedmont School System

Berkeley Unified School System is somewhat of a mixed bag.  Some schools are high performing while others are less so.  One of the benefits of the Berkeley system is that there is not an address based system determining the school your child has to attend.  It is an attempt to maintain diversification in the system. 

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