Home buying in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley CA

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Home buying in Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley.  The agent that you entrust and choose to work with can be the difference between being a home-buyer and a home-owner.  The reality is, most agents are nice.  However, not all agents are effective. 

Whether you are a First Time Buyer or a seasoned home-buying professional, the Oakland, Piedmont and Berkeley markets are unique.  If you’re not careful you can easily get burned in the process.  Sometimes the only thing worse than not getting your offer accepted is buying the “wrong” home.

I’ve sold literally hundreds of local homes.  And while every deal is different, my extensive experience with the local marketplace, its complex negotiations and with property improvements and condition/value assessments you’ll be kept fully informed and expertly represented.  

Take a minute to get in touch with Brian and see what his experience, knowledge and thorough professionalism can do for your peace of mind as well as your bottom line.  Click here for details about HOMES FOR SALE IN OAKLANDHOMES FOR SALE IN PIEDMONT  or HOMES FOR SALE IN BERKELEY


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An educated home buyer translates into a happy home owner.  If you are a first time home Buyer it is important to know 3 basic components to the process:  -Market Education  -Finding the home  -Making Offers and  -The Inspection/Escrow/Closing process.  

There are plenty of potentially costly pitfalls along the way, many of which can be avoided with a foresight, experience and  proactive planning.  Below is an outline of the home buying process at a glance.


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