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Bordered by Oakland, Piedmont is actually a small city within-a-city. In the 1920’s, Piedmont was known as the “City of Millionaires,” claiming the largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States.  Today, some of the millionaires’ mansions still stand. However, with its serene, tree-lined streets and a strong sense of family and community, Piedmont has been referred to as the Bay Area’s local “Mayberry”.   Considering buying real estate in Piedmont?  Contact Brian

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Piedmont Location

Located in the East Bay Hills, Piedmont has approximately 11, 000 residents within its 2 square miles and is bordered on all sides by Oakland. Piedmont’s major streets include Oakland Avenue, which runs from Piedmont’s small city center down into Oakland; Highland Avenue, which divides Piedmont into upper and lower sections; Moraga Avenue, which runs near the city’s northern border; and Grand Avenue, which runs near Piedmont‘s western border.

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The Neighborhood Feel of Piedmont

Over the years, this warm yet upscale neighborhood has been repeatedly named “the most desirable city to live in”.  Piedmont’s exceptional architecture ranges from authentic Mediterranean, Normandy Styles, heavily banded English Tudors, fabulous Mid-centuries and Brown Shingles. Some areas have electrical under-grounding and many homes are historically significant, adding to the unique beauty and serenity of Piedmont. Piedmont is nearly all residential.  There is no real downtown area, only a bank, a gas station and Mulberry’s Market, a gourmet grocery store.  For dining out, Piedmonters head over to Rockridge, Park Boulevard, and Montclair. Piedmont remains a family-oriented haven with lovely old traditions, including the old fashioned “Fourth of July Parade,” the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and entire neighborhoods with holiday lights on display.

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Home Prices in Piedmont

Homes were built from 1910’s through 1940’s and range in size from the few two-bedroom bungalows to the true Estate homes of eight or more bedrooms on palatial grounds, occasionally with swimming pools and tennis courts. Throughout the years, property values have remained consistently high.  In addition to maintaining its own police and fire department, Piedmont has excellent public schools from kindergarten through high school. In fact, Piedmont High School is a top feeder school to UC Berkeley and Stanford.



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