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Selling Homes In Rockridge

facebook_button_selling_rockridgeRockridge is one of the best neighborhoods in the entire East Bay.  Home values have remained strong and given its proximity to restaurants, shopping and public transportation it is a great place to live and commute from.  Rockridge remains the crown jewel neighborhood of Oakland.  An argument could be made that the area sells itself.  In some ways that is true.  The key to a successful Listing Agent is the quality of their marketing, their ability to prepare a property and then get it seen by the most amount of prospective buyers as possible.  Brian’s objective when listing your home for sale is to get you as much money as the market will bare, do it in a reasonable amount of time and under a terms that work best for you.  He does this by thoroughly preparing the home for showings, marketing it aggressively and then negotiating the best terms and time lines possible.  Brian has sold over 230 homes since 1998 and wants to make your home selling experience as profitable and stress free as possible.  He is professional, detailed, reliable and responsive from start to finish.

Brian’s home selling program is divided into three distinct phases; 1) Preparations, 2) Marketing and 3) Escrow.  For a visual representation of the three phases take a look at his HOME SELLERS FLOW CHART.  Brian is also a licensed California contractor and with his experience he will guide you through preparations such as repairs, painting, earthquake retrofitting, pre-inspections and staging.  Once ready for the market Brian uses unique marketing techniques that will get your home seen by the local community, the regional community and a national audience.  With his affiliation with Christies Great Estates all of his listings over $1 million get advertised internationally.  He uses time tested marketing techniques and a one-on-one approach during Brokers Opens and Sunday Opens as well as implementing the latest technology such as custom websites and video walk-throughs.  Any aggressive marketing campaign should get your property seen by home Buyers near and far.  

Please take a minute to contact Brian if you are considering selling your home in the next 12 months.  A brief, no obligation interview will cost you nothing, provide you with lots of answers to questions you may never have even considered and at worst you will become more informed about the overall home selling process.  Take a look at what some of my past clients have to say about me.

 Interviewing Brian Santilena as a Listing Agent 

Step 1:  Sit down together for an interview.  Everybody seems to know a Realtor these days.  A week rarely goes by that I don’t get a real estate postcard on my door step.  While most real estate agents are friendly, it is also true that the levels of real estate competence, knowledge and experience in the industry can vary widely.  All agents are independent contractors and you will find that there are large differences in character, professionalism, expertise and integrity.  Everything that I do while running my business keeps focus on those business morals. 

No two homes in Upper Rockridge are identical.  Before I can provide you with a Market Analysis I will need to see your home.  I want to know all the things that you love about your home. 

Step 2:  After visiting your home I will prepare and present back to you a Value Analysis and my Marketing Presentation covering:

  • Market preparations such as repairs, improvements,  pre-inspections (including budget $$$.)
  • We will create a detailed calendar that fits YOUR schedule. 
  • Pricing Strategy and Market Timing.
  • Comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Cover the costs of selling (transfer taxes, commissions, escrow fees etc.)
  • How we will handle negotiations.
  • What happens once we are in contract.
  • And much more…

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview call Brian on his cell phone (510-501-3534)  or email him at

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