What is it like to live in Piedmont CA?

November 19th, 2014


The city of Piedmont California has long been considered one of the best places to live in the entire state of California.  Once a part of the city of Oakland it became its own city after hundreds of affluent San Franciscans fled the destruction of the 1906 earthquake and began building in the area.  The city has a small town feel while offering big-time properties.  There are award winning schools and the location is central.  All of this combines to make Piedmont a highly desirable place to live.  Just miles to San Francisco, Piedmont is the only city in the country that is entirely surrounded by another single city (the city of Oakland.)  It has its own police and fire departments as well as municipal offices and a public school system that is consistently ranked at the top of the class.  There are (unofficially) three different areas to the city.  Central Piedmont, Upper Piedmont and Lower Piedmont. 

Upper Piedmont has steeper streets, more views and due to the large swing in home sizes, qualities and vintages there is also a larger swing of property prices.  Some of the lots have been built on since the early 1900’s while others now have hillside cliff-hangers with dead on views of the Bay, San Francisco and sometimes the Farallon Islands beyond the Golden Gate.  There are also many large, architecturally built view homes from the 1920’s.  Some of the most amazing properties I’ve ever seen rest in the hills of Upper Piedmont.

Lower Piedmont, or sometimes dubbed “Baja Piedmont” is comprised of more modest home styles and prices.  the streets remain wide and mostly tree lined.  While you will spot the occasional Grand Victorian mansion that once likely presided over the area as Queen of the Neighborhood, you will now mostly find 3-5 bedroom bungalows and traditional style homes remain.  While closer to the Grand Ave. and Piedmont Ave. shopping districts the proximity to schools are slightly more difficult do to the modest hill climbs necessary to arrive there.

Central Piedmont is considered the premium area of Piedmont primarily because it contains many of the the premium properties combines with an easily walkable location.  The town center, Piedmont Park, Mulberry’s Market and the schools are all located in Central Piedmont.  Homes for sale in Central Piedmont are typically larger properties on level or slightly sloped lots.  You’ll also find incredible landmark estate properties with values running into the multiple millions of dollars.


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