Testimonial when buying our Oakland Montclair home with Brian

January 4th, 2013


My wife and I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Brian on our recent home purchase in Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood.  A few things really stood out for us:

Interest in the physical structure – Brian toured many a crawl space or basement with me to check out the house’s structural integrity, look for signs of water, pest or seismic damage or anything else we should be concerned about.  Being newcomers to the West coast, this was invaluable to me as I was not familiar with what to look for and Brian was extremely patient and instructive with me in this area.

Knowledge of the value – On many occasions Brian was able to provide a realistic assessment of the houses value in his professional opinion VS the asking price and this was very helpful in setting our expectations correctly.

Punctual – Brian respected our time and was always on time for house viewings or meetings and this was very important to us.

The process – We had to make our purchase and sale while we were on the other side of the country and Brian had all the documents scanned and set up for electronic signature and approval which helped us not miss our opportunity to purchase our home due to travel or other logistical issues.

Referrals – Brian made numerous referrals for tradespeople that we ended up using and have been happy with all of them, this saved time and gave us peace of mind that we were working with tradespeople we could trust.

Perspective – Even when things were stressful and looking like things were heading south, Brian kept calm and kept us calm reassuring us that sometimes things happen that are not expected and provided us with options on how to handle things. This really helped keep us in the right frame of mind to make the right decision.
I could go on but hopefully you get the point that Brian will have you covered and is is truly professional and helpful in many ways that will ensure a smooth (as possible) purchase experience.


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