City of Oakland – Piedmont Sewer Lateral Ordinance

May 12th, 2011

City of Oakland – Piedmont CA sewer lateral ordinance is on the way.

The Federal EPA is requiring cities to implement a sewer lateral compliance ordinance that forces a home Buyer or Seller (or home remodels over a certain cost) to ensure that waste pipe running from the home to the city main is in good condition and water tight. 

Faulty sewer laterals are responsible for pollution in the bay, overflowing sewage treatment plants and backing up city mains that can cause raw sewage to spill onto residential properties.  The city of Alameda, Albany and Berkeley already have these “point of sale ordinances” in place and now the city of Oakland and the city of Piedmont are following suit.  The question everyone keeps asking is… when???

Compliance was to go into effect on May 9, 2011 but that date has now been pushed back.  Here is a letter from Harry Clark Plumbing explaining many more of the details about what is to come.

The bottom line for those of you considering purchasing or selling a home in Oakland or Piedmont CA, you need to have a sewer scope test done so that you know the condition of the line.  Whether or not the ordinance is currently in effect, it will be implemented very soon.

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