Crime and Demographic Statistics for Oakland, California

March 11th, 2008

I often get questions from prospective Buyers in the Oakland California real estate area about crime reports and demographic data. Crime reports are a touchy subject. I often get, “is this neighborhood safe?” Safe is subjective. The best source for that information is of course the city of Oakland Police department. That will give you a general idea of what is going on.

On a more local level I recommend that you find out the name and number of the police officer/beat cop of the area that you’re considering purchasing into. That officer will give you much more decision making information than you will get from a desk clerk at the police department.

This link shows one of the darker sides of Oakland.

Having been born in the city of Oakland it is apparent where city hall needs to focus their crime prevention efforts on.

On the lighter side of things, this website will provide you with a good amount of demographic, schools, charts and comparison information for any zip code in the country.

If you have any specific informational request please don’t hesitate to call me directly or drop me a note.

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